Phoenix Reborn
Rafael A. Marti


Phoenix Reborn
by Rafael A. Marti


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Nathan Christopher Styles, a former U.S. Army Special Forces operative, embarks on a perilous journey that may cost him his life.  Seeking safety as he bravely confronts his alleged adversaries, he must also battle personal demons in the form of paranoid-schizophrenia. Styles relies on trusted confidants as he attempts to navigate the pitfalls -- all the while unsure his trust is always well placed.  He's a man who thought he had it all, suddenly finds himself alone, his world shattered.  His circumstances offer scant hope of reclaiming a normal life as he fights just to stay alive.

"Marti's previous works revealed his ability to expertly weave a tapestry of danger and suspense.  However, Phoenix Reborn is positive proof that this author has outdone himself with his uncanny talent for story-telling.  This book will have readers begging for more!"

- James R. Atwood, Master Sergeant (Retired), U.S. Army, Editor