Phoenix Reborn
Rafael A. Marti



Part I


Nathan Christopher Styles lies on the park bench — homeless — cold and very much alone.  The leaves are falling, autumn's here and only the occasional jogger passes by.  The wind is brisk but not yet brutal.  He's famished, heartbroken and in dire need of help.  Stubbornly, he refuses to go to his family for their aid.  Perhaps they'd laugh at how the mighty has fallen or they just might help him out of pity.  He's too proud to beg and he's only been homeless for less than twenty-four hours.  He never thought it would get to be this bad, but alas fate is a cruel and unforgiving mistress. 

Only a day ago, he was in his condominium when his wife dropped the bombshell.

                "I love you, but I'm not in love with you anymore," she nonchalantly told him.

She kicked him out of his home this morning with nothing but his ID, passport and a small tote bag with a change of clothes in it.  To top it off she destroyed his credit cards the night before as he lay sleeping and closed their joint checking and savings account the day before, effortlessly vanquishing all of his liquid assets.  It's as if he was a spy and had received a burn notice.  He has very little money, he'd quickly sold his old used car a couple of hours ago for a mere eight-hundred dollars to have some spending money.  Money that he has to stretch out should he find no one to aid him.  He has no shelter and renting a hotel room now is not a priority, only his cell phone works and he's at a loss as to who to call.  His mind is still reeling from the argument and break-up of his marriage. 

Luckily, he was a soldier and knows about surviving in the elements should he need to.  Not only was he a soldier but an elite soldier with a special operations unit, so survival will be easier for him than for the average Joe.  Now piecing his life together might prove to be far more complex than surviving.